„Revive“ bilboard, T-shirt and Postcard, and Have a Cup of Zlatna Džezva Coffee with Amra and Edin Džeko

Vispak Company, by its AR billboards has announced continuation of its Zlatna Džezva Campaign in major BiH cities, with main actors being Edin and Amra Džeko. Using the augmented reality, apart from billboards, Vispak has converted good, old postcards and t-shirts into video screens where you can watch a new advertisement of Zlatna Džezva. The only thing you need is your mobile phone.

This campaign is a significant marketing step forward for Vispak and its brand Zlatna Džezva. The augmented reality (AR) campaign has been launched in the form of billboards across Bosnia and Herzegovina, providing the consumers and the general public a unique marketing experience. Through this campaign, viewers have the opportunity to “revive” a photo on a billboard, postcard or t-shirt using their mobile devices and watch a video clip. You only have to keep your mobile phone pointed towards the frame of the postcard on the visual and to follow short and clear instructions.

"This is the first AR campaign in BiH and we are proud of that fact. The augmented reality allows you to experience an interactive environment in which objects from the real world are enhanced with computer-generated perceptual information, including images, text, sound, vibrations… Vispak has always paid special attention to innovation, and this AR campaign is another evidence of our commitment to providing the best possible experience to our consumers. Using the advanced augmented reality technology, we want to provide our customers with a unique interaction with our product and to entertain them at the same time”, says Zerina Čolaković, Director of Vispak Marketing and Development.

Vispak states that this AR Zlatna Džezva campaign is only the beginning of their innovative approach in the marketing industry. Vispak intends to continue exploring new technologies and ways to improve marketing strategies and provide unforgettable experiences to all its consumers.

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