People are the most valuable asset of our company. That is what we believe in.

Deeply aware of this fact, it is clear to us that the business successes of the entire AS Group, in a relatively short period of time, would not have been possible without highly motivated professionals. Such dedicated employees, who believe through their commitment that they can contribute to the real economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, form the backbone of the accelerator of positive changes and innovations in business. We are one of the fastest-growing groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina and we aim to offer the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina the opportunity to build their future with dignity in their own country, without going abroad as the only option.

A motivating business environment, teamwork, and a code of conduct are highly significant in our corporate culture and professional ethics, to which we attach great importance.

One of our goals is to be the first, to be the best, to be AS!

We strive to employ a large number of responsible, skilled, dedicated, and loyal employees, and regardless of their position, their importance is unquestionable.

Whether they are technologists, drivers, managers, administrative staff… all our employees know they belong to a large family of successes, the society of AS-ians.

We offer our employees the opportunity for advancement and mobility throughout the entire system, both horizontally and vertically. A motivating business environment, teamwork, and a code of conduct are very important in our corporate culture and professional ethics, to which we attach great significance.

All of this leads to a successfully planned career development, where we particularly emphasize the mutual trust of all parties involved in this process, instilling in us the hope that everything will be even more intensified in the coming period.


We are aware that being AS means being the best, and that only quality, competent employees can contribute to us continuously and justifiably carrying this title.

Therefore, we constantly invest in our employees through ongoing education and care for their long-term development. Our employees attend additional training and education, participate in various specialist programs across Europe, and attend professional seminars, trainings, and conferences.

We are particularly proud of the fact that we build and develop our talented and valuable employees, which leads to internal promotions, where within the company we promote our employees, rewarding their efforts and commitment, and recognizing their ambitions for advancement.

We make daily efforts to increase the satisfaction of our employees in their work by offering various benefits.

An opportunity for your career awaits.

Join our team and build a successful career in a dynamic and innovative environment. We look forward to your application!

Frequently Asked Questions

The entire process of recruiting and selecting candidates is conducted entirely under the control of Human Resources, and our recruitment and selection procedure for new staff is carried out and supervised by HR specialists. This selection process includes a modern psychological approach, enabling us to recruit the best into our ranks.

The employment process is initiated in cases of opening new positions, an increase in the volume of work, as part of realizing a specific business venture, or to ensure the replacement of temporarily absent employees or employees who are permanently leaving the company.

All job vacancies are published on our own website in the section ‘AS Employees’, and we also advertise on popular web portals, as well as announcements at local employment agencies and various print media.

Additionally, you can always apply to our database of potential employees. It’s enough to open the following link and follow the instructions provided in the application – POTENTIAL Aces.

The company reserves the right to contact candidates who have submitted their application only in the case of an objective need for employing staff of the required profile.

After the application, an initial screening follows, targeting candidates who meet the basic conditions of the advertisement and match the profile of the ideal candidate. Then, an initial assessment is conducted via phone, Skype, or a meeting with representatives of the Human Resources Department.

In this phase, candidates are expected to present their achievements, qualifications, ambitions, and expectations. The goal is for candidates to gain a clear understanding of the position, its main functions, department structure, and development prospects within the company.

The desired employees are candidates who are optimally qualified for the roles (duties and responsibilities) listed in the job advertisement. Key criteria when selecting new employees certainly include a willingness for personal and professional development, as well as loyalty to the company. It has been proven that the level of professional competencies highly correlates with the level of work motivation, and that’s how we choose our employees. Motivation has a high impact on the quality of work performance of every employee, which is why we pay special attention to it. Our doors are always open to highly motivated individuals who believe they can contribute to achieving the common goal.