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About AS Holding

Our beginnings are tied to the company AS Jelah, which started its business in 1989 as an independent trading shop, and by 1996, the initial business evolved into a private enterprise.

In 2016, we established AS Holding, developing a parent company with efficient mechanisms of corporate governance applied to 17 members.

In 2018, AS Holding recorded its greatest success in its business history. Through additional investments and development, we retained existing customers and acquired new ones, expanded our capacities, and made a breakthrough into new markets, applying new technologies and increasing our workforce.

By strengthening our brands, developing new businesses, products, and services, we aim to be a generator and driver of the development of the domestic economy and one of the largest business systems in the region.

We create pathways to success by delivering and exchanging knowledge, ideas, and services in all business spheres, relying on rich experience, exceptional dedication, and high moral standards of our employees while maximizing the synergistic effects of the combined actions of our member companies.

Under our “roof,” there are 17 Bosnian companies whose brands are highly positioned and well known to consumers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in Europe and the world. Zlatna Džezva, Oaza, Tops, Zlatni Puder, Tuzlanska Sol are just some of the over 1500 products in our portfolio. For several years in a row, we have been occupying the top spots in the overall ranking of the largest companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Together with our member companies, we employ over 2500 people, with a tendency to grow in all three business divisions: food, trade, and textiles.

A motivating business environment, teamwork, and a code of conduct are highly significant in our corporate culture and professional ethics, to which we attach great importance.

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