Research and Development

New Technologies

Innovations in food production technology will revolutionize the entire field of food technology. Without flexible food production machines, sophisticated sensors for inline quality control, and efficient production lines with ‘zero waste’ capabilities, it is impossible to maintain competitive production and meet the demands of a demanding market.

AS Holding has already established a platform for an integrated strategy and innovations in food production by motivating employees to generate new ideas and implementing new technologies.

Innovation days, Innovation Challenges, and the Innovation web platform are integral parts of our regular activities.

New Ingredients

Functional ingredients are used in our finest food products. Products with plant fibers, special combinations of vitamins and minerals, healthier oils, and carefully selected seeds, grains, and hazelnuts make our products more nutritionally valuable and healthier.

By using domestic, controlled local ingredients in our products, we actively participate in the entire product lifecycle.

AS Holding takes pride in its innovative products that combine previously incompatible functional ingredients.

A motivating business environment, teamwork, and a code of conduct are highly significant in our corporate culture and professional ethics, to which we attach great importance.

New Innovative Products

Maza Hazelnut Spread, Kent Wafers, Tako Lako Risotto, and Laganini Rice Pudding are just a few of the innovative products that rank at the top of functional and innovative products in the Southeastern European region.