Oaza Water Empowering Women in the Fight Against Breast

Oaza Water is this year’s golden sponsor of the Race for the Cure Campaign, and it will be responsible for hydration and support in this year’s event to be held on 1 October 2023. representatives of this Campaign state that from 1 October to 31 December 2023 every consumer who buys the Oaza spring water of 0,33l will give their contribution to this humanitarian campaign. For every purchased bottle the amount of 3 pfennigs will be donated to the Think Pink Association. This Oaza Campaign raises its commitment to a higher level and becomes the driver of change and empowering women fighting the breast cancer.

This initiative is aimed at providing support to women suffering from breast cancer, raising awareness of prevention importance and early detection of tis decease, and to providing funds for research and patient support.

„Being the brand that symbolises purity, health and vitality the Oaza Water has recognised the importance of support to women in their fight against breast cancer. we are proud to be leaders in this driving force, using our brand for making positive changes and inspiring other to do the same. We call upon all our consumers to join this humanitarian campaign by buying Oaza Water of 0,33l from 1 October to 31 December 2023. together we can make the real difference in lives of the women suffering from this decease “-said Senida Medić, Oaza Brand Manager.

This Company sends the message that every woman deserves to get an opportunity to be supported and empowered. They also invite their loyal customers to join them Iin this humane journey while they are running toward the future when the breast cancer will not pose a threat to women’s lives.

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